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For Positive Healing Outcomes in the Treatment of Chronic Leg Ulcers consider V.A.C.® Therapy

V.A.C. Therapy Results in a 35% Reduction of Complete Healing Time2

Vuerstaek2 has clearly stated the benefits of V.A.C. Therapy:
"V.A.C.® Therapy should be considered as the treatment of choice for chronic leg ulcers owing to its significant advantages in the time to complete healing and wound bed preparation time compared with conventional wound care."

Clinical Benefits of Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy:38,39,40,41

Fast and effective healing

V.A.C. Therapy (Vacuum-Assisted Closure Therapy) delivers good healing results for Leg Ulcers. These results follow from several known effects of V.A.C. Therapy. 1) It stimulates cell proliferation via the process of micro-strain.32 2) The negative pressure stimulates local blood perfusion. 3) As a consequence granulation tissue formation is promoted. 4) The suction removes exudate including wound healing inhibiting molecules – as consequence, local oedema is reduced.

V.A.C. Therapy can effectively be combined with compression therapy. The recent introduction of V.A.C. Granufoam Bridge™ Dressing makes this even easier to apply. Where the wound bed improves and skin grafting is required, V.A.C. Therapy can also provide support.

Cost-effective healing

Recent publications show that the treatment of over 5 million Leg Ulcers35 per year costs more than 1 billion US dollar33 (equivalent to over 755.000.000 Euro34). Standard treatment will take at least 45 days before healing, which reduces to 29 days2 with V.A.C. Therapy.

Offering a better quality of life

Leg Ulcer patients very often also suffer additional symptoms. For example, 65% of these patients also develop depression.36

Goals of treatment

Goals of Leg Ulcer treatment should be:16

  • Reduction of oedema and/or swelling
  • Pain reduction
  • Improvement of lipodermatosclerosis
  • Ulcer healing
  • Prevention of recurrence (by reducing venous hypertension, increasing venous return, increasing fibrinolytic activity in the tissues and improving oxygenation)

V.A.C. Therapy is helping to reach all these goals.
It reduces oedema and when the wound is in the healing phase it also reduces chronic pain. It helps formation of granulation tissue and epithelialisation.

In a randomized controlled trial Vuerstaek et al.2 showed the V.A.C. Therapy reduces the healing time for leg ulcers from 45 days for standard wound treatment to 29 days when V.A.C. Therapy was used.

This study showed both clinical and economical advantages for V.A.C. Therapy (Figure):

Clinical Benefits of Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy
* Clinical benefits based on Vuerstaek et al.2

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