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V.A.C.® Therapy Fewer Amputations

V.A.C. Therapy can halve the rate of amputation2,4

Fewer Amputations

Data calculated at the end of 112-day of active therapy phase from two randomized controlled trials consistently demonstrated that V.A.C. Therapy can result in fewer amputations compared to advanced moist wound therapy.

  • Blume et al. reported that diabetic foot ulcer patients treated with V.A.C. Therapy experienced significantly fewer secondary amputations (7/169, 4.1%,) compared to AMWT* (17/166,10.2%; p=0.035).4
  • Armstrong reported that diabetic foot amputation wound patients treated with V.A.C. Therapy showed a trend toward fewer secondary amputations.2
    • Fewer V.A.C. Therapy patients (2/77; 3%,) underwent a second amputation compared to AMWT* patients (9/85; 11%; p=0.060)
    • No high level (above-foot) amputations (0/77, 0%) in the V.A.C. Therapy group vs. (5/85, 6%) in the AMWT* group.
    • V.A.C. Therapy patients were less than a fourth as likely as AMWT* patients to need a second amputation.

* AMWT = Advanced Moist Wound Therapy (hydrogels, alginates, collagen and hydrocolloids).

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